We now have a feature that makes it simple for you to mass-invite participants for both moderated and unmoderated testing. Our new auto-select feature will automatically allocate participants to session times that avoid clashes.

  1. Simply tick the checkboxes of your desired participants and press Invite All Selected.

2. In the pop-up click on the blue Auto Select button to allow Askable to allocate session times. If you’d prefer to manually select times, continue without selecting this button.

3. Your sessions will be coloured green if they are free from clashes, and orange if you are inviting more than one person to the same session. Once you have reviewed all these times you can press Send Invites.

TIP: You can invite more than one person to the same time slot. It is a first in best-dressed system, so whoever accepts first will be locked in. Anyone who accepts the invite after will be added to your waitlist.

We’ve loved creating these suggested features and hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think.

Askable team.