Standard Terms and Conditions for Askable Prepaid Credits


  1. Askable Prepaid Credits are purchased by the client for the purpose of simplifying the booking processes and to take advantage of bulk pricing rates when requiring testing participants.
  2. The Prepaid Credit represents either one participant for a face to face testing or three participants for online self-moderated quantitative testing.
  3. One Prepaid Credit equates to the consolidation of a recruitment fee, an administration cost, a margin and a participant incentive payment. Askable may vary these proportions either by booking, job, type or individual, including the variation of a participant incentive payment. A Prepaid Credit cannot be partially used, broken-up or dismantled.
  4. Prepaid Credits will be deducted from the client’s Prepaid Credit balance. For clarity, following order processing, a Prepaid Credit deduction will be processed regardless of who supplies the incentive.
  5. Session times are up to 60 mins in duration. For sessions beyond 60 mins, additional Credits will be charged per participant, as we are required to increase participant incentives.
  6. ‘Premium participants’, such as business owners, C-Suite execs or skilled professionals, are charged at a rate of 2 Credits, as we are required to significantly increase participant incentive amounts for such projects.


  1. Once a Prepaid Credit Pack (50, 100 or 250)  has been purchased, 20% prepaid credits (early release) will shortly become available for use within your account. The remaining prepaid credits will only become available for use, once the full payment has been received.  
  2. The 20% ‘early release’ Prepaid Credits are offered in good faith to allow the client to immediately conduct business with Askable. They are not free nor do they represent a discount or a promotion.
  3. Once Prepaid Credits have started to be used by the client, no refund or balance roll-over is available.
  4. Prepaid Credit Refunds may be processed for participant non-attendance. Due to the costs involved in recruiting a pool of participants for ‘the booking’, refunds will not be processed should the client choose to reduce the number of participants at the invitation stage.


  1. The client will ensure that agreed payment terms are not to be unduly extended due to the client’s internal processes such as vendor/supplier set up; seeking further approvals or the arranging of an official purchase order. Payment is to be made within the agreed terms as set out in the accepted quote.
  2. The client warrants that they have the authority to make purchasing decisions on behalf of their company and if paying by credit card that they have the authority to use such card for this purpose.
  3. From time to time Askable will make marketplace offers to attract new business sales and promote its products. The discounts offered in these promotions cannot be used to vary the price of Prepaid Credits already accepted, purchased or held within the client’s account.
  4. All unused Prepaid Credits will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.
  5. GST is applicable