We’re always trying to make Askable simpler so we’ve decided to consolidate our pricing model. 

We’re now bundling the recruitment fee and incentive so that you don’t need to worry about how much incentive you need to offer. We have a design mantra of creating a platform that is better and simpler which is what led us to simplifying our pricing structure.

“Making the process to recruit participants as easy as possible is what drove us to simplify our pricing structure”

Here’s how it works

Let’s say you’re just trying us out for the first time and need 5 participants for a usability test. You can buy 5 credits at our flat rate of $159 per credit coming in at $795+gst. If you’re after 12 participants, then you can buy 12 at $159 per credit as well (totalling $1,908+gst).

We’ve also made our credit packs even better value. You can choose 50, 100 or 250 at a cheaper credit rate of as little as $119 per credit. Buying credit packs allows you and your team easy access to participants whenever you’d like to recruit. This means only 1 approval process that’s needed allowing for multiple bookings to take place so that your recruitment is never held up.

How to pay for credits

Credit packs of all shapes and sizes can be purchased by credit card or invoice. Once payment has been received, you and your team will be able to use your credits right away. We understand that not every business can move fast when it comes to invoices so we’re happy to release 10 credits for you to use while waiting for the invoice to get processed 🙂

These credit packs will last for 12 months after purchase or until you finish using them all.

Introducing recruitment for quantitative research

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for more specific recruitment when it comes to quantitative research like surveys, Optimal Workshop card sorts or treejacks. So we’ve built integrations with Optimal Workshop and Typeform to run these types of recruitment. With credits, we’ve introduced the ability to swap 1 credit to 3 quantitative responses. Stay tune for other integrations and partnerships we build out!


Can I still pay as I go (ad-hoc)?

Yes! You most certainly can. We’ve bundled the recruitment and incentive together into one credit. If you only need 6 credits to cover 6 participants, you can purchase 6 credits.

What if I want to provide my own gift cards?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to provide your own gift cards from Monday 12 of November. We’ve found that in the past when companies provided their own gift cards, we’re often contacted by participants who hadn’t been paid and found it hard to resolve these issues as we weren’t handling the incentive. We really value our participants and want to provide the best experience for them, leading us to this decision of looking after incentives for all bookings.

How do you determine the incentive amount?

Several variables inform the incentive value including: screener specificity, travel time, location, session length, life stage, supply, task type and historical bookings. The incentive value can vary up to the total value of the credit when necessary.

When interviewing other UX designers & researchers on why they liked to set their incentive. We noticed a pattern where UXers preferred to set the incentive so that they could get higher quality participants that wouldn’t cancel last minute. With our previous pay-as-you-go model, it didn’t give us enough funds to think outside the box and experiment with how we could solve this issue whereas moving towards credits allows us to tackle this and make the platform simpler.

If we haven’t been able to answer your question – send them through to Viv on viv@askable.com 🙂