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Fireside Chat with Kira from Transpire

by Sarah Newport • July 16, 2018

It’s general knowledge that over 50% of web activity is now on mobile, meaning mobile design has never been so important. A clear user experience journey is something every company needs when they have a mobile presence. We caught up with Kira from Transpire to get her thoughts, insights and experiences in her career as […]

Fireside Chat with Sam from Adepto

by Sarah Newport • May 30, 2018

User Experience Designers jump into projects at different times, especially depending on the company you work for. Sam, a UX/UI designer, has made his way helping various startups with their foundations, frameworks and more. We caught up with him to see how startup UX can vary from the typical processes, his answers might surprise you. […]

Fireside Chat with Caylie from NAB

by Sarah Newport • May 24, 2018

Starting user testing in your company can be a scary step. It’s beneficial for you, as a UX designer, and your company to get some solid advice from experienced people in the field. That’s why we caught up with Caylie, a UX Researcher working at NAB. We’ve heard from people all around the industry on […]

Fireside Chat with Justin from Ultradata

by Sarah Newport • May 16, 2018

Ultradata is a top of the line banking technology solution company that delivers legendary software and mobile banking solutions to their clients. We caught up with Justin, UX lead of their innovation team, to check out his best practices and insights on user experience and user testing in his industry. Ultradata is in a unique position […]

Fireside Chat with Hannah from Save the Children

by Sarah Newport • April 30, 2018

Innovation is becoming a revolutionary component for a lot of businesses. You’ll hear the echoes of industry leaders asking, “How can we be better? What will make us different? How can we give the best possible experience?” That thought process is no different for Hannah Stocks, the Innovation Manager at Save the Children. Hannah has worked […]

TIm Scrunch

Fireside Chat with Tim from Scrunch

by Sarah Newport • April 18, 2018

Data is everywhere, being collected all the time. It helps us make the best possible products and services for our clients. Not to mention, constantly improving. Scrunch, a legendary influencer marketing platform, relies on data to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time. Almost too good to be true-but […]

Fireside Chat with Matt from Canstar

by Sarah Newport • March 28, 2018

For those of you who haven’t heard of Canstar, they’re Australia’s biggest financial comparison site, researching and rating 30,000 products from over 300 brands across 30+ finance categories. As you can imagine, getting a prestigious Star Rating from Canstar is a pretty big deal. We wanted to see how the team at Canstar implement user […]

Fireside Chat with Anthony from Flight Centre

by Sarah Newport • March 14, 2018

We caught up with Anthony, UI/UX designer for Flight Centre, to see how user experience and user testing comes into his day-to-day work life. The team at Flight Centre are looking at releasing a handful of new features into their app to make the user experience immaculate. Features like itineraries, the ability to book hotels and […]

Fireside chat with Kelvin and Liam from Tanda Pt. 2

by Sarah Newport • March 7, 2018

Last week we went through Part 1 of Tanda’s user testing experiences. We covered the stats and data that justified user testing, best practices to approaching your boss and Kelvin’s top 3 tips for user testing and UX. This week we’re touching on getting the right people, how actions speak in testing, finding the time […]

Fireside chat with Kelvin and Liam from Tanda Pt. 1

by Sarah Newport • February 28, 2018

We caught up with UI/UX Designer, Kelvin and UX Designer, Liam from Tanda to hear their insights on user testing with their product. As a quick overview, Tanda is a cloud-based workforce management software, designed to streamline time and attendance workflows for employees. Each time Tanda creates a new feature or product, they go through […]