Screener Writing 101

by andreas • May 17, 2018

A new approach Okay, so you’ve got a project that you’re working on and it’s time to start recruiting people for research or ux testing. How do you make sure that you get the right people? With a growing Australian database of over 20,000 participants and access to external sites (like Facebook and Linkedin) with […]

5 big things you need to land a UX job in Sydney

by Jenna Coles • May 2, 2018

‘UX designer’ is a pretty cool job title right now, with CNN stating that the number of positions is likely to rise by 18% over the next decade. Not to mention it ranked seventh in Forbes list of top 25 jobs for work-life balance in a recent study. So really, it’s no surprise many people […]

5 common mistakes when hiring a UX designer

by Jenna Coles • April 23, 2018

By now you’ve probably realised that your team needs a User Experience (UX) designer. Maybe you also need a User Interface (UI) designer… oh, and a graphic designer… and a front end developer! Why not just find someone who does it all?! Wrong. Here are five painfully common mistakes to avoid when hiring a UXer. […]

Design principles – Default valid vs Default invalid

by andreas • April 6, 2018

It’s easy to add features to a design or product. The real challenge is preventing the product from becoming more complex. Typically, if you plotted the amount of functionality vs interface complexity it would look something like this:   Adding functionality whilst reducing complexity is very very difficult, and often requires some very drastic changes […]